Niki’s Healthy Sandwich!

Lot’s of friends ask me how I stay small cooking the way I do. Well, the answer is, I don’t eat most of it! I have small portions of my BubbleCrumb recipes and I don’t usually over do it. (Usually) I do make smart choices too! This is a sandwich I frequently enjoy for lunch!

To make this super healthy, low calorie sandwich, you will need the following ingredients:

2 slices of whole grain whole wheat bread


orange bell pepper diced

red onion thinly sliced

thinly sliced tomato


1 slice soy cheese (American flavor)


thinly sliced cucumber

lettuce (I use red leaf)

(all ingredients are to taste, so I didn’t give measurements)

There is a specific order in which I layer the ingredients. It helps keep EVERYTHING together!!

Start by adding mustard to your bread. Mustard has zero calories, so go for it!

Now on one slice of bread add your bell pepper,







and lettuce.

Top with the other piece of bread,

and Enjoy!!


One thought on “Niki’s Healthy Sandwich!

  1. Yum! Reminds me of the sandwich shop that used to be on PCH in HB. I think it was between Main and GW. Remember that? I always had the sprouts and cucumber on the wheat roll. Can't wait to try the peppers! Yummy!

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