Fun and Easy Easter Cupcake Baskets!

Check out this EASY treat! A perfect prize for your little bunnies to munch on!

To make this Easy Bunny Basket, You will need the following ingredients:

Pre-made cupcakes


coconut (sweetened flake)

green food coloring

sour straws or licorice

assorted Easter candy

Start with your favorite cupcake. My family likes chocolate, so that’s what I used.

Spread some frosting on your cupcake.

In a ziploc bag, put some coconut and some drops of food coloring. Mix, Mix, Mix!

Dip the top into your coconut “grass”.

Now let’s start decorating!

Spread a little frosting on the bottoms of your decorations, and place them where you like!

I used a straw to poke holes where the sour straw attached to the cupcake. Added chocolate eggs and an Easter bunny. Have fun decorating your own Cupcake basket!



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