Quick Tip! Kitchen Sink and Sponges

Did you know the dirtiest thing in your home is your kitchen sponge? YUCK! Well, considering we use these porous pals to clean the dishes we eat from, we’d better do something about that right?

There are a couple of options.
One way to sanitize your sponge is to nuke it.

Put it in your microwave for 30 seconds. I do not care for this method at all.
Another way (my way) is to use regular household bleach.
Not only will you have a clean sponge, but your sink will sparkle! Here’s how:

Put the sinks stopper in and fill the sink with hot water.

Add one cup of household bleach.

Throw your sponges in and let sit for 1 hour.
Using a long spoon, remove the stopper to drain.

You will have a sparkling sink, and a really fresh sponge!

Viola!! Sparklie sink and super fresh sponge!


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