Quick Tip! – Organize your Toddler’s Toys

My little sister Michelle and I both have Toddler boys. They are like any other small children, they love to make a mess! We have found a simple way to combat mess, avoid accidents, (Like stepping on toys with bare feet! OUCH!) and an effective way to teach them to clean up after themselves.
We purchased these Sterilite containers from the local Target store. They were very inexpensive and the best thing is, my toddler can not open them by himself! We labeled them according to the contents as you can see. If Justice or Landen want to play with trains, they must put the cars away first! Michelle printed out clip-art from her computer, and used a sticky laminate to affix them to the storage boxes. If you don’t have access to a lamination machine, good old clear packing tape should do the trick!

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