Quick Tip! – Dryer sheets

They’re not just for Laundry!

How nice and fresh are dryer sheets? They make your clothes smell so sweet and the fabric so soft! But these little handy helpers are more than just dryer buddies, they really are!

After they are used in a dryer cycle, don’t toss them out just yet. Wipe the tops of your washer and dryer to help repel dust!

Tired of dusty blinds? Wipe them with a fresh dryer sheet. This really cuts down on dusting!

Ceiling fan blades? YES! These too can be dust free! (Just be careful climbing up to them!)

Use dryer sheets in drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh!

Use one as a bookmark! Helps combat that musty old book smell!

In your car as an air freshener.

Put one in your vacuum cleaner for a fresh smell.

Put one in the bottom of your trash can before you replace the bag. It will absorb any liquid that spills and keep your can smelling fresh!

Dryer sheets are a great shower cleaner!! Use them to remove minerals and grime from shower doors.


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