Party Ideas! – Budget Baby Shower

Last year I had a baby shower at my home for my dear friend Janet. She is now mommy to baby Noah! I just came across some pictures from the big day.

I wanted Janet to have a diaper cake at her baby shower, so I looked online to see how much it would be to order one. I found some but I wasn’t going to spend $100! I decide to make my own diaper cake. How hard could it be? I used newborn diapers and laid them next to each other in a fan pattern. (I did not roll them) I also added ribbon, paper shred and hot glued animals to the ribbon to add whimsy! I used it as a centerpiece and displayed it on a crystal cake stand.

Ok, so I know you are probably wondering where I got this cake because it’s obviously crooked. Well, the answer is it’s crooked because I made it! I had never made a decorated cake before, but I will tell you it tasted great! (that’s all that really matters right?)

I smoothed out the butter creme frosting with a flat spatula that I continuously dipped into water. That gave it a smooth finished look. The booties are made from fondant, and the ribbon is real.

Again, I was trying to save money, so I did it myself.

These are my accent arrangements. I put these little beauties wherever I needed a happy look. These were easy to make. I took juice glasses from my cabinet and added some flowers that I purchased in bunches from my local grocery store. It really was a lot of bang for my buck!

I thought this basket of books was a great idea for a baby shower gift. Every child needs a library of books and it’s something that is usually left out of a baby registry.


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