Products I LOVE! – Lemi-Shine

Who has hard water spots on their dishes? NOT ME!! I use Lemi-Shine!

I spent many years toiling over glasses that were ruined from hard water! I looked high and low for a product that could create a spot free, sparkling shine on my stemware and glasses. I wanted to be able to proudly serve Sangria and such!

“Ahhhhh” Can you hear the angels singing? LEMI-SHINE!!
Here is a great example of what my glasses looked like before Lemi-Shine:

And….Drum roll please!


Really, this is what happens when you add Lemi-Shine to your dishwasher.

An added bonus is if you do have hard water in your home, Lemi-Shine not only de-calcifies your dishes, but it keeps your dishwasher running smoothly and in tip top shape.

You can find Lemi-Shine at your local grocery store. It retails for about $3.99.


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