California Cookie Exchange

Our annual “Girls Night Out” cookie exchange was a big success! So many delicious cookies recipes to try. I am so impressed by the quality, taste and presentation of all the participants entries!

It is so easy to host your own cookie exchange. I made it fun and a little competitive by awarding winners in the following categories:
Best Dressed (guest), Most Delicious cookie, Best Presentation, and Most Creative.

All the cookies were winners in my eyes, but here are a few of the crowd favorites. Click on the names of the cookies below for the recipes!

Pecan Sandies – Melt in your mouth!
Ginger Cookies – Big, soft, spicy & sweet!
Russian Tea Cakes – Buttery melt in your mouth cookie balls
Oatmeal Crisps – Lacy crisp delicate cookies
Classic Spritz Cookies – A cookie press lets you change disks to produce many different shapes